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3D Brick Wallpaper Self-adhesive Wall Panel Decals (5 Pcs)

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Change the look of your home interior and beautify it in seconds only with this 3D brick wallpaper self-adhesive wall panel decals! 
A high-quality 3D brick tile panel decals that can successfully transform your old, empty walls with an extra visual interest and depth in just a stick. Providing you a stylish, hyper-realistic texture wall finish without the troubles of painting, remodeling, and building one brick at a time. Moreover, it also enables you to cover up unsightly molds, stains, discoloration, paint chipping, cracks, and other imperfections. It comes in a different color design selections that can complement well on any home decorations and palette theme. Available in black, dark gray, orange, gray, pink, blue, white, purple, brown, red brick, red rusty, gray marble, beige brick, gray brick, orange rusty and embossed white.  

This brick stone wall sticker supports impressive adhesive qualities that can mount securely on different smooth wall type materials. It can resist any liquid exposure without losing stickiness to avoid brick decal from getting peeled-off. The self-adhesive brick wall sticker boasts excellent stain-proof qualities that prevent dust, scribbles, oil, and moisture from adhering. It enables you to easily wipe off unwanted stains and dirt to keep it pristine looking at all times. What’s more? This wall decal has a soft and thick foaming which delivers a great anti-collision effect especially for those with kids. Made with premium XPE materials that promises to withstand long-lasting years without wearing-off. 

Bring elegant and style to your dull-looking in just a stick using this 3D self-adhesive brick stone wall tile decal!


  • 3D Wall Bricks Sticker
    A self-adhesive wallpaper decal designed in 3D brick tile and high-resolution graphic print that can instantly turn a surface into a realistic appearance of a genuine brick wall. Allowing it to effectively make your bare, dull-looking walls with a touch of stylish, traditional effect that would surely give your interior an extra visual interest and depth. What’s more? This brick wall tile decal also helps for covering up unsightly imperfections like molds, stains, discoloration, paint chipping, and cracks. Making it a great addition for stepping up the look of your space without the hassle of painting, remodeling, and such. Available in different eye-catching color selections, including black, dark gray, orange, gray, pink, blue, white, purple, brown, red brick, red rusty, gray marble, beige brick, gray brick, and orange rusty.


  • Waterproof, Stainproof
    This 3D brick stone wall sticker adopts exceptional waterproofing qualities that can resist water, moisture, oil, humidity, splashes, and other liquids. It also provides high stain-proof performance that prevents unwanted dirt such as dust, pen/marker scribbles, and stain from adhering and drying. You can maintain its clean, pristine condition with just a quick, easy wiping unlike those with painted walls or regular plastic wallpapers. Additionally, the brick wall decal features a soft, thickened foaming that serves as an excellent anti-collision effect. Eliminating the risk of painful bumping and possible injuries especially for those with hyperactive youngsters at home. It even has a sound insulation effect which successfully reduces the transfer of noise inside and outside your home. 

  • Super Sticky Back Adhesive
    The wall tile sticker comes with a powerful back adhesion that securely holds onto the surface to avoid unwanted slipping, repositioning, and peeling-off. Suitable for different smooth wall types materials, including cement, wood, metal, marble, painted walls, and more possibilities. This decal can even withstand everyday exposure to liquid, moisture, and humid temperatures without losing its powerful grip. Great for sticking to your living room, kitchen, entryway wall, bedroom, bathroom, children’s room, gaming room, office, apartments, restaurants, shop, and so much more. 

  • Quick, Easy Installation
    This self-adhesive brick decal supports a smart peel-and-stick installation that can be mounted on walls hassle-free in no time. Simply peel-off the protective film backing, align, then gently press the brick tile sticker to the clean wall to adhere, repeat until the walls are all covered, and done. No more unnecessary tools and complicated methods that only leave damages, permanent marks, and messy residues behind. No worries as the wall sticker can be smoothly trimmed to your ideal size and shape using scissors to meet your different needs.

  • Premium Quality
    Made only with the highest-quality, non-toxic XPE foam with amazing durability, waterproofing and stain-proof performance. It guarantees to last a long-term without deforming, discoloration, losing adhesiveness or even accumulating molds and mildews. This 3D brick tile sticker is completely odorless to ensure that it won’t leach off nasty, harmful odors for your overall safety and health. 
  • Material: PE
  • Size: 

  • 5/10/20/30/40pcs x 3D Brick Wallpaper Self-adhesive Wall Panels

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